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Max (Maksim) Dilendorf, Esq.

Max (Maksim) Dilendorf, Esq.


Max (Maksim) Dilendorf’s legal practice is laser-focused on digital assets and cyber-crime cases, a domain he has passionately pursued since 2017. Over the past 7 years, Max built a distinct digital asset law practice, dedicating tens of thousands of hours to managing diverse client cases, research and engaging with industry regulators.

He has been widely published and quoted in the media for his cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise, including for Bloomberg Law, Financial Times, New York Law Journal,  Washington Post, Law360, Yahoo Finance, NBC News, Fortune, and many more.

Clients turn to Max with their most complex crypto-legal matters, attracted by his bespoke legal strategies in navigating the nuances of digital assets.

Federal Investigations:

Max represents clients facing federal investigations, particularly before the SEC, concerning violations of federal securities regulations related to the sale of digital assets in the U.S.

Additionally, Max provides advisory services to individual and corporate clients on compliance with regulations and guidelines established by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for crypto transactions. Max also provides strategic legal advice to clients who receive inquiries from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security regarding their cryptocurrency activities.

Money Transmitter Licenses for Crypto:

Max guides digital asset and Web3 companies through the intricate realm of Federal and State money transmitter licenses, Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, and compliance with the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act.

Arbitration/Litigation Cyber Crime Cases:

In this arena, Max represents victims of cyber-attacks, particularly those whose digital assets have been compromised through diverse means such as hacks, phone hijacking, and identity theft.

He arbitrated complex issues in forums like AAA, JAMS, and NAM, addressing a broad spectrum of cybersecurity challenges:

  • Pursuing cases of gross negligence against financial institutions and phone carriers for their failure to establish and maintain robust fraud detection systems, resulting in the theft of clients’ digital assets.
  • Handling negligence claims arising from companies’ utilization of deficient AI and SIFTs models for fraud detection and prevention.
  • Arguing claims arising from companies’ failure to adhere to CISA’s recommended cybersecurity practices aimed at preventing fraud and manage cyber risks.
  • Arbitrating claims for breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and breach of contract against crypto companies that flout federal and state cybersecurity requirements, notably New York’s NYDFS Part 500 regulations.
  • Leveraging industry standards like SOC, NIST, and ISO to assess defendants’ compliance with industry cybersecurity norms.
  • Handling cases arising from a company’s failure to integrate “red flags” identified by the U.S. Department of Treasury into their fraud detection systems and SIFT workflow functionalities to prevent crypto cybercrime.
  • Navigating state money transmission laws, U.S. Treasury Rules, the Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML), the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

Asset Tokenization (RWA/STO):

Since 2017, Max has been a leading authority in advising and representing clients in the asset tokenization space (RWAs/STOs) and rules governing security token issuance and secondary market trading.  Navigating the evolving landscape of Federal Securities Regulations, broker-dealer requirements, and ATS regulations, Max provides indispensable guidance to his clients across various sectors including real estate, funds, art, and precious metals.

Digital Asset Estate Planning:

Max and his team offer comprehensive assistance to clients in generational estate planning for digital assets. They address custody issues and ensure a seamless transfer of wealth across generations while navigating the unique challenges presented by the digital landscape.

Featured In:



STO for Developing Renewable Energy Farms + Data Centers

Represented a non-US issuer in structuring a security token offering (STO) for developing a digital currency operation in the US and abroad

STO for Blockchain-based Marine Navigation Network

Represented blockchain-based marine navigation service with AI capabilities in structuring a security token offering (STO) in the US

STO for Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform

Represented a non-US issuer in connection with launching a $30M security token offering (STO) in the US for developing a blockchain-based gaming platform

STO for Digital Healthcare Platform

Represented a non-US issuer in connection with launching a security token offering (STO) for developing and operating digital healthcare platform

STO for Digital Currency Exchange and E-commerce Platform

Represented a FinTech company developing a digital currency exchange and e-commerce platform with structuring a security token offering (STO) featuring multiple types of security tokens, with and without voting rights and dividend distributions

STO for B2B / B2C Blockchain Freelance Platform

Represented B2B / B2C blockchain freelance platform in the process of raising capital through Regulation D and S offerings to U.S. and non-U.S. investors, including review and analysis of the white paper and the project, preparation of the private placement memorandum (PPM), subscription agreements, guidance regarding the process of investor accreditation as well as AML/KYC checks, and filing Form D with the SEC.

STO for a Major Foreign Digital Exchange and Wallet Service

Represented a client in tokenizing a part of equity in a foreign digital currency exchange and digital wallet by offering tokenized preferred shares through a U.S. SPV (Delaware corporation).

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