Céline Moille


Strategic Co-Counsel - European Desk

Céline Moille’s practice involves blockchain, cryptocurrencies and European regulation and compliance.

Lawyer and partner in France, as well as Ph.D in private international law, Céline is also a lecturer at the University of Lyon (France).  She is in charge of Dilendorf’s European Desk.

Céline is well known for her knowledge of legal issues relating to blockchain and new technologies.

She regularly participates in national and international conferences as a speaker and contributes to the field of blockchain studies through numerous publications and collaborations. Céline is a member of the Malta.AI Task Force.

Céline was also named to the List of Leading Women in Blockchain.

She is passionate about new technologies and is actively implementing the idea of simplifying public access to legal services. Céline founded a Legaltech service in debt collection in France.


GIE April Office
3 boulevard Diderot
75012 Paris
+ 33 6 09 61 54 70
International Litigation
Blockchain, ICO, STO
European Regulation
Data Privacy (GDPR)
Business Advisory
Legaltech, Regtech, Fintech
Master 2 in Private Law (Lyon)
Ph.D. in Private International Law (Lyon/Montreal)
Bar Admissions
French Bar Exam (France)
Quebec Bar Exam (Canada)


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