Ivanna Korniiuk

Ivanna has 7 years of law practice in Europe, namely in the field of corporate law, M&A transactions, banking and finance. As a senior associate, she advised local, EU, US and multinational clients with respect to their business activities in Ukraine.

Particularly, Ivanna, together with junior associates under her supervision, provided legal support and guidance to foreign companies in relation to export-import and other business agreements, banking, finance regulations and restrictions, tax and labor issues.

Ivanna joined Dilendorf Law Firm in 2020. Because of her transborder knowledge and experience, Ivanna has immediately become a valuable team member assisting the firm’s attorneys in all aspects of local and international transactions, including complex corporate matters and real estate.

Ivanna received a law degree from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and is qualified to practice law in her home jurisdiction.

Ms. Rubel advises clients on all aspects of federal, state, and international tax matters. She has advised corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and their owners on the tax implications of a variety of transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, reorganizations and dissolutions.

Her practice focuses in large part on issues affecting clients with a multinational or cross-border presence.

She also routinely advises public charities and private foundations on issues relating to their formation and governance and obtaining and maintaining federal, state and local tax exemptions, avoiding private foundation excise taxes, complying with the intermediate sanctions regulations and the avoiding unrelated business income taxes.


Céline Moille’s practice involves blockchain, cryptocurrencies and European regulation and compliance.

Lawyer and partner in France, as well as Ph.D in private international law, Céline is also a lecturer at the University of Lyon (France).  She is in charge of Dilendorf’s European Desk.

Céline is well known for her knowledge of legal issues relating to blockchain and new technologies.

She regularly participates in national and international conferences as a speaker and contributes to the field of blockchain studies through numerous publications and collaborations. Céline is a member of the Malta.AI Task Force.

Céline was also named to the List of Leading Women in Blockchain.

She is passionate about new technologies and is actively implementing the idea of simplifying public access to legal services. Céline founded a Legaltech service in debt collection in France.

Pascal Couturier’s 30-year practice and fascinating career encompasses commercial and corporate law, private international law and criminal business law. Pascal’s extensive experience allows him to seamlessly manage multipart corporate law matters, from complex contracts to restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and cross-border transactions.

Pascal is founding member and former President of GIE Yellaw, a French business and FinTech law firm. Passionate about technology, Pascal co-founded DodoBank, a LegalTech service providing efficient assistance in debt recovery.

Pascal Couturier is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta (aka the ‘Blockchain Island’) in France (Lyon, Rhone Alpes) and often presents on the topic of international blockchain issues and regulations.

Pascal is a member of the Commission of the Lyon Bar; President of aVocation, a network of French lawyers; he leads the Yellaw’s Law Student Clinic initiative.

Having worked on hundreds of transactions, Pascal has developed a deep understanding of international commercial mediation and litigation matters. He prevents and resolves conflicts by providing clients with practical legal advice and guidance in international commercial disputes that include contractual, ownership, management and financial issues.

Pascal Couturier is an invaluable addition to Dilendorf’s European desk.

Steve contributes extensive business and problem-solving experience to challenges that may require litigation – or may help avoid it.  Indeed, his perspective on litigation is influenced by his experience as a three-time internet start-up CEO.

Steve served on Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign and transition team, and co-chaired the Clinton White House literacy task force Prescription for Reading Partnership.

Relevant Experience:

  • He negotiated the first joint venture between Time Inc. and IBM for an educational software product.
  • As CEO of a tech-based healthcare start-up, he led the company to a successful acquisition by GE.
  • As CEO of an internet media company, he successfully established licensing arrangements with Harvard Medical School, Dartmouth Medical School, and key hospitals.

Steve is also a best-selling, award-winning author and contributes regularly to influential publications. He is only the second person to have Op-Eds published in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal on the same day. Three of his seven books have been best-sellers.  As a litigator, Steve believes that telling a clear, compelling story – to the judge, to the jury, and sometimes to a larger audience – is essential.

For his legal work on behalf of active duty members of the armed services, Steve was awarded the American Bar Association’s Outstanding Services Award for the Military Pro Bono Project. He has advised the Chief of Naval Operations, and was one of the first non-Admirals or Marine Generals to serve on the Board of Directors of the United States Naval Institute.

Adam is one of the nation’s leading young whistleblower lawyers.  He brings with him a special ability not just to litigate, but to investigate – and understand – complex organizations and transactions.  His extensive familiarity with tech issues is built on a computer science degree and work as a software engineer at various startups and in Silicon Valley. He is widely admired as a “pit bull with an Ivy League mind” – a fearsome combination for a litigator.

Until 2017, Adam served as an Assistant Attorney General in the New York Office of the Attorney General. While in government, Adam handled a wide range of civil and criminal matters, focusing especially on investigating and litigating qui tam complaints and using the False Claims Act to recover in cases in which the State had been defrauded. Adam drove all aspects of enforcement and prosecution, including investigating, taking testimony, and representing the State in court.

Before joining the Attorney General’s Office, Adam was an attorney at the criminal and civil litigation boutique Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello P.C. He represented individuals throughout the United States and from various countries in state and federal criminal cases, including healthcare fraud, tax, and antitrust prosecutions. And because New York is home to disputes touching on every aspect of the global business world, Adam also represented individuals and corporations at all stages of civil litigation, from complaint through trial, in diverse areas of the law including common law fraud and consumer protection. Adam was selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for litigation.

Adam attended the University of Michigan, where he studied computer science, and spent a year at Tel Aviv University, taking courses in middle eastern politics. After a stint working on cloud computing in Silicon Valley, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was a Levy Scholar in Law and Public Governance. He graduated from Penn cum laude, clerked for Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein in the Southern District of New York, and then spent six months at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Alena Beck provides marketing and administrative support to Dilendorf legal team. She is experienced in helping companies build audience, manage client relations and improve operational efficiency.

Alena was engaged in developing and running successful campaigns for FinTech startup companies, American designer companies, non-profit and social organizations. Her administrative experience extends to law firms in real estate and financial sectors. Additionally, she has overseen and conducted research on departmental organization and niches, promoting a deep understanding about the high standards that should be implemented in professional environments.

Alena has assisted blockchain startups by overseeing community and investor relations – with both US and international clientele. She has been in charge of social media management, press releases, client relations sectors, producing posts and intensive editorial work. Exposure to the blockchain industry and legal environment, combined with extensive marketing experience, allows her to excel in her position and provide invaluable support to our team.

Gleb Zaslavsky’s practice involves investment and startup structuring and support, international and domestic corporate transactions in the blockchain and technology industries, and venture capital.

Gleb assists international and domestic entrepreneurs, businesses, venture investors and startups at all stages of raising capital in the U.S., including security token sales, private equity financing and crowdfunding of blockchain projects. For companies already in operation, Gleb handles regulatory, licensing, IP and transactional issues, as well as corporate governance and partnering arrangements.

Gleb’s past private client practice involved multi-jurisdictional wealth management and estate planning, as well as cross-border transactions for individuals, families, businesses and trusts.

Past and current clients operate and invest in securities-trading, fintech, AI, pharmaceutical, telemedicine, renewable energy, gaming and entertainment industries.

Gleb’s background in corporate and complex litigation and dispute resolution shaped him to address clients’ personal and enterprise needs and associated risks, and work closely with clients guiding them through every project and each transaction.

Max Dilendorf’s practice is focused primarily on digital assets, cryptocurrency, and technologies that drive blockchain and related distributive computing networks. An early adopter of virtual currency and its associated legal, financial, and business implications, Max is considered the go-to expert for anything crypto-related. His areas of specialty include tokenization of assets, setting up cryptocurrency and DeFi exchanges, NFT art, and music offerings as well as structuring domestic and international real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Max has more than 15 years of combined experience as a transactional attorney, business consultant, commercial litigator, and entrepreneur. He has traveled extensively in Asia and Asia over the past five years, where he was tapped as a speaker and panelist at many conferences related to digital assets tax and corporate planning for inbound investments in U.S. real estate and private equity deal flow as well as domestic and offshore asset protection for UHNW individuals. Having gained valuable experience in all aspects of crypto assets, Max is also a top forensic Bitcoin and crypto expert witness. His expertise has also made him one of the top cryptocurrency consultants for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Berkshire Hathaway, and HSBC.

One of the key areas of Max’s practice is helping clients with money transmittal licenses and ensuring compliance with state MSB licensing and FinCen requirements. His full-service approach also includes the development of anti-money laundering (AML)/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) policies, designing strategy, and dealing with state and federal regulators, Max helps clients with obtaining federal and state money transmittal licenses (MTLs) in all 50 states, as well as national charter licenses for crypto operators and digital banks.

Max’s experience with fund formation and crypto assets makes him a trusted advisor for cryptocurrency fund sponsors on all aspects of the fundraising lifecycle, from fund formation to regulatory compliance. His services within this area also include the preparation of offering documents for new private cryptocurrency funds, limited partnership agreements and subscription agreements, global regulatory consulting, and the structuring of funds to meet the sponsor’s objectives.

As a trusted advisor for high-growth businesses, startups, multinational families, and foreign governments, Max brings a wealth of business and financial expertise into his cryptocurrency practice. His areas of expertise include helping emerging and preeminent cryptocurrency projects gain and maintain compliance with U.S. securities laws, resolving disputes between customers and cryptocurrency exchanges, assisting peer-to-peer traders and exchanges in complying with state money transmitter laws and the Bank Secrecy Act, and guiding a variety of other businesses in compliance matters as they interact with one another in the crypto space.

Max advises clients on the latest regulatory developments from the SEC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and other government agencies regarding cryptocurrencies and tokenization. He regularly assists companies considering initial coin offerings in determining whether their tokens are considered securities under relevant federal and state laws and advises on AML and KYC issues and other compliance issues faced by money services businesses.

Max provides strategic, transactional, and regulatory advice to a wide range of established and emerging participants in the FinTech space, and regularly represents token issuers, cryptocurrency exchanges, traditional and crypto investment funds, as well as family offices and managers wishing to cross-over to the blockchain sector.

In addition to specializing in crypto-related matters, Max handles all aspects of real estate transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, development, and leasing of real estate in New York.  He represents foreign individuals and family offices in connection with investments in US-based real estate, funds, and private equity.  Known as a highly-skilled negotiator and aggressive litigator, Max handles various real estate litigation matters, including disputes between buyers and sellers, commercial landlords and tenants, and commercial contract disputes arising out of COVID-19.

Max regularly assists international and domestic entrepreneurs, businesses, venture investors, and startups at all stages of raising capital in the US.

Invited speaker at government and private institutions such IBM, HSBC, Berkshire Hathaway, NYU, the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission, the South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research Center.

Max was named to Super Lawyers’ New York Metro Area “Rising Star” in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in Real Estate and Technology Transactions sectors.

Speaking Engagements:

-New York.  Mona Shah Immigration Podcast.  Discussion:  “Buying US Green Card with Bitcoin? The EB-5 Program & Cryptocurrencies.”  January 22, 2020.

-Connecticut.  CCIM’s Annual Golf Symposium.  Panel Discussion: “Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate.  The Future is Here.”  September 9, 2019.

-New York.  Joint Webinar with OpenFinance, Harbor and Diginex.  “Slicing through the Hype Around Tokenized Securities.”  July 30, 2019.

-New York.   Synergy Global Forum, Executive MBA Program.  Presentation:  “Regulation of Digital Assets in the US.”  June 7, 2019.

-New York.  Peltz International.  Panel Discussion: “Real Estate Opportunity Funds.”  June 27, 2019.

-New York.  National Financial Network.  Joint presentation with Popular Bank.  “Structuring Real Estate Transactions Using Digital Assets.”  June 12, 2019.

-New York.  HSBC.  Presentation: “Foreign Investments in US Real Estate and Use of Digital Assets.” April 24, 2019.

-New York. Joint Webinar with tZero and Polymath.  “Security Token Framework: Interoperability Through Standards?” April 30, 2019.

-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Asia Blockchain Review and Infinity Blockchain Ventures. Workshop. “Digital Securities (aka Security Tokens). How to launch STO in the US and issues to consider.” April 1, 2019.

-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research and Training Centre. Presentation: “Framework for Launching Digital Securities in the US and Global Modernization of Capital Markets.” March 29, 2019.

-New York. Joint Webinar with OpenFinance and Securitize.  “STO/DSO: from Planning to Secondary Trading.”  March 13, 2019.

-New York. IBM Blockchain Ventures. Workshop: “Double Header: Security Token v. Utility Token; Jurisdiction Selection.” March 4, 2019.

-New York. NYC Blockchain Center. Workshop: “Real Estate Tokenization.” February 14, 2019.

-New York. Blockchain Society Executives-Only NYC Conference. Panel Discussion: “Security Tokens v. Utility Tokens.” January 31, 2019.

-Hangzhou, China.  Bitrise Capital.  Masterclass:  “Issuance and Sale of Digital Securities in the US.”  December 12, 2018.

-Hong Kong, HK.  C-Block Capital.  Presentation: “Structuring Cross-Border Real Estate Transactions Using Cryptocurrency.”  December 4, 2018.

-Bangkok, Thailand.  Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Topic: “Structuring Digital Security Offerings in the United States.”  November 26, 2018.

-New York.  Joint webinar with Securitize: “Real Estate Tokenization.”  November 19, 2018.

-New York. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.  Presentation: “Structuring Foreign Investment in New York Real Estate Using Bitcoin”.   November 7, 2018.

-New York.   US-China Real Estate Forum.   Panel Discussion: “Tokenization of Real Estate.”  October 11, 2018.

-New York.  New York University.   Panel Discussion: “Blockchain and Digital Securities Regulations in US and Abroad.”  July 25, 2018.

-Moscow, Russia.  Blockchain Week Conference.  Presentation: “How to Launch Compliant Digital Securities in the US.”   May 22, 2018.

-Moscow, Russia.  World Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit.  Panel Discussion: “Regulations of Cryptocurrency in the US an Abroad.”  May 19, 2018.


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