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The Dilendorf Law Firm provides expert counsel for companies importing into the United States by helping them meet compliance obligations under the Customs Modernization Act and mitigating the impact of enforcement actions by United States government agencies.

Importers face numerous legal complexities and compliance requirements from federal agencies who oversee customs and international trade, including U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Homeland Security, the FDA, DOT, CPSC, and C-TPAT. We are here to help our clients navigate the stepped-up controls and scrutiny that may meet them at the border.

CBP expects importers to exercise “reasonable care” as a standard for regulatory compliance when reporting tariff classification, country of origin, valuation assessment and duty preference program. Our practice provides a full range of customs compliance-related services that protect our clients from any legal and financial repercussions that may result from reporting errors or noncompliance.

The Dilendorf Law Firm routinely provides advice on valuation, classification, country of origin, labeling and marking, import bonds and many other issues related to importing goods into the United States. We represent clients before local port officials and at federal agency headquarters in response to every type of enforcement action. In the event that a client becomes the subject of an investigation, our team provides counsel at all stages while negotiating for the reduction of penalties and filing petitions for the return of forfeited merchandise.

Our firm can assist with drafting compliance manuals and conducting an Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) by evaluating the effectiveness of our clients’ internal controls.  Our team can also assist with U.S. Customs notices of action and enforcement by responding to CBP requests for information, notices of action, notices of detention, seizure notices, liquidated damages, and penalty notices.

The Customs & International Trade practice at the Dilendorf Law Firm assists clients with meeting compliance obligations under the Customs Modernization Act and we help our clients apply for participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Our customs attorneys help clients avoid problems with Customs and other agencies at the U.S. border, and handle any problems that may arise. We regularly provide guidance on a wide range of issues related to the importation of goods into the U.S., including:

  • Tariff Classification
  • Valuation Assessments
  • Duty preference programs
  • Entry procedures
  • Country-of-origin marking and labeling
  • Prior disclosures and Protests
  • Restrictive quotas
  • Eligibility under preferential trade programs, such as NAFTA, GSP and other bilateral and multilateral agreements
  • S. Customs audits
  • Detentions, forfeitures, seizures, and other penalty actions

Our extensive background with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is only exceeded by our dedication to providing clients with the highest quality service.


For more information about our Imports services,

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