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Airbnb Arbitration Lawyers

The Dilendorf Law Firm’s arbitration attorneys prepare clients for all types of arbitration claims, including negotiation on behalf of Airbnb customers and Airbnb hosts who are involved in disputes with one another, or with Airbnb, Inc. Because Airbnb requires all disputes to be settled through arbitration, it is important to work with an experienced Airbnb arbitration lawyer.



Represented 10+ hosts and guests in arbitration proceedings against AirBnb

What is UDAAP?

An acronym representing the types of laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the course of trade or business, UDAAP is used in the context of Airbnb to represent the laws governing their rights and obligations of tenants and hosts in relation within the Airbnb platform.

If an arbitration award is granted to a plaintiff, indicating that Airbnb or its representatives violated UDAAP guidelines, the awardee may be entitled to monetary damages, including legal fees.

Disputes that may arise with Airbnb

As Airbnb has grown to accommodate hundreds of millions of customers around the world, it is not surprising that disputes would arise between guests and hosts, which can only be resolved through arbitration.

While Airbnb, Inc. is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company’s Help Center offers information for consumers about how to avoid potential scams, and what to do if they feel they have been the target of such a scam. The site also provides specific advice for people who are considering renting out living space as hosts to be sure they are abiding by local laws and governing authorities.

Despite their disclaimers to consumers and hosts who enter into agreements through Airbnb, disagreements and disputes still occur. Unless the parties come to a satisfactory agreement, many of these disputes will be resolved by a panel of arbitrators.

What are some of the most common disputes between Airbnb guests and hosts?

Misleading Property Description

One common complaint we hear from Airbnb guests is a false or misleading property description, such as incorrectly listed amenities and kitchen appliances, inaccurate or unrealistic number sleeping accommodations, and other misleading descriptions. These same customers often receive unhelpful responses, no opportunity to change the rental, and no offer of monetary compensation.

Unrefunded Down Payments

The pandemic caused many guests to cancel Airbnb reservations due to travel restrictions or illness, and while some received a partial refund for their deposits, others lost their deposit or were forced to pay for the full reservation. Guests that canceled after the refund period ended assumed that a state of emergency like Covid-19 would warrant special consideration from Airbnb, but these individuals were often asked to seek reimbursement from trip insurance or similar entities.

Hidden Cancellation Charges and Fees

While most Airbnb disputes are between guests and hosts, some of the fees charged by Airbnb are causing the disagreement. These fees are often exorbitant and nonrefundable, even when the property owner t is willing to refund 100% of the guest’s deposit. In such cases, the guest is entering arbitration with the middleman, Airbnb, and not with the host.

Unforeseen Issues with the Property

In addition to false or misleading descriptions, Airbnb guests also encounter unsafe, unsanitary, or unlivable conditions upon arrival. Even when the conditions are dangerous and guests are forced to find alternative accommodations, neither Airbnb nor the host offered any type of compensation, forcing their guests to seek damages through arbitration.

Hosts are Unresponsive

After successfully booking an Airbnb, many guests found their hosts to be entirely unreliable and unresponsive to requests. Everything from directions and access to the property to instructions upon arrival have caused inconvenience for guests while traveling and a frustrating experience overall.

Unsatisfactory Response for Property Claims

Airbnb hosts and guests have often complained about the screening and claims processes. For example, despite providing detailed documentation of property damage caused by renters; they received little or no response or resolution. Hosts are guaranteed up to $1 million in coverage from Airbnb’s protection program, but they can make it difficult for hosts to collect.

Customer Service Complaints

According to many complaints filed against Airbnb, both guests and hosts have been transferred back and forth to multiple representatives waiting for proper resolution to their problems. Customer service reps were either dismissive or failed to offer proper solutions, even after hours of waiting on hold with Airbnb.

Between misleading property listings, unrefunded down payments, exorbitant fees, unresponsive hosts, and poor customer service, Airbnb, Inc.’s customers are often left with more questions than answers concerning their rights.

The Dilendorf Law Firm is ready to work with any individual who is party to a dispute involving Airbnb. Our expert team of arbitration lawyers will engage in discovery, research all the facts of the case, and prepare a persuasive claim to be presented to arbitrators. In addition, our attorneys negotiate directly with all parties to ensure our clients get a fair, just, and transparent hearing.


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