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Dilendorf & Khurdayan is a New York City blockchain law firm that provides post-ICO legal support to virtual-token sponsors and others involved in the token-sale process.

Our lawyers work diligently to keep abreast of developments in U.S. laws governing virtual tokens, become familiar with our clients’ business plans, and ensure pre- and post-ICO legal compliance.


Represented blockchain-based marine navigation service with AI capabilities in the process of raising capital via a TGE from U.S. and non-U.S. investors through Regulation D and S offerings, including review and analysis of the white paper and the project, preparation of all necessary documentation for the launch of the TGE, as well as guidance regarding the process of investor accreditation and AML/KYC checks.

Represented B2B / B2C blockchain freelance platform in the process of raising capital through Regulation D and S offerings to U.S. and non-U.S. investors, including review and analysis of the white paper and the project, preparation of the private placement memorandum (PPM), subscription agreements, guidance regarding the process of investor accreditation as well as AML/KYC checks, and filing Form D with the SEC.

Represented a blockchain based gaming platform in connection with structuring Regulation D and S offerings, including full review of the project, drafting a private placement memorandum and purchase agreement to launch the sale, guidance through the process of verifying U.S. accredited investors and completing KYC/AML checks, and filing form D with the SEC.

Represented a decentralized crypto exchange platform and advised the company regarding the process of raising capital in the U.S. through SEC Regulation A+ and D offerings, including money transmitting licenses in all 50 states, preparation of all necessary offering documents to launch token sale in the U.S.

Comprehensive Support in an Area of Uncertainty

Even after the token sale is complete, virtual-token sponsors, holders, and exchanges remain subject to numerous U.S. laws and regulations, many of which have uncertain applications in the blockchain context. Dilendorf & Khurdayan offers comprehensive support services to blockchain startups and other FinTech firms to enable them to confidently engage in post-ICO activities. We do so by:

  • Maintaining a cutting-edge understanding of new developments in state and federal laws governing virtual tokens, token sales, and related topics, and keeping our clients apprised of the same.
  • Complying with post-ICO securities regulations, including by preparing and filing appropriate forms or reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission for offerings under Regulation D or Regulation A.
  • Representing clients in connection with state or federal government actions involving clients’ virtual tokens or token sales.
  • Advising clients on the post-ICO legal status of their tokens, including status as a security, and determining how U.S. tokenholders can utilize those tokens on clients’ platforms.
  • Reviewing continuing legal risks arising from securities and commodities regulations, consumer-protection and money-transmitter laws, and similar rules.

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